~GED6BE.kmz normal #s_ylw-pushpin highlight #s_ylw-pushpin_hl Tarquinia 11.76700626344259 42.25204004162028 0 -0.4794336475180415 0 3278.5306659595 relativeToSeaFloor #m_ylw-pushpin 11.75470185254069,42.2514587844957,0
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Google's "street view" is a great way to explore distant locations.  Be
patient until you get the hang of it
  1. To make the map larger/smaller: spin the scroll wheel on your mouse or
    click the +/- keys at the left
  2. To enter street view: drag the "little man" icon (upper left) onto a street (allow
    several seconds for the image to load from the internet)
  3. A 360 degree view: Drag the image with your mouse to look left, right, up,
  4. To stimulate walking: click a white circle on the street in front of you.
  5. Potential problem: you can't move in street view if you are too "close in"
    (back up using the minus key, try again)
  6. Click the "X" button at the upper right to start over or switch to regular map
Study in all four
Use Google Earth's "street view" to visually
explore the streets of Tarquinia
Copyright © 2012-2013
James Emil Flege
(1) Use the scroll bar on your mouse to move in/out
(2) Click the map and drag it to re-center the map

Using Google street view to explore a small town in Italy