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how to use a compass will be covered in Dave Morton's class for the Travel Learning Network
5 HWB - Health & well-being
Bhuddist Monk in deep meditation
how much time do you spend seated in front of the computer screen?
Blogging a new opening or an end to a long tradition?
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Feeling Healthy, Having Fun. Modern conveniences are great, aren’t they? We no longer wash clothes or even most dishes by hand.
Motorized vehicles mean we can easily get where we want to go, even on a Travel Learning trip! And with the internet we can learn and
communicate in ways unimaginable only a generation ago. But as research is now showing, the problem is that we spend far too
much time sitting, and this can literally prove lethal.
The premise of this class is that uninterrupted sitting is undermining health, and exercise alone will not solve the problem. Structured
exercise is great and contributes to endurance and strength. Research now shows that it’s frequent, everyday, non-strenuous activity
which is the foundation of health, even if you already exercise. The class will draw on discoveries that arose from research examining
the adverse impacts on astronauts of extended periods in the micro-gravity of space. These conditions it was found mimic effects of
normal aging here on earth. The good news is that many of these adverse effects can be reversed or minimized simply through the re-
introduction of greater movement.
Instructor: Joan Vernikos (PhD University of London), pharmacologist and neuro-endocrinologist, is the former Director of NASA Life
Sciences who founded
Third Age Health to raise health self-awareness and sustain wellness. Her books are The G-Connection
Stress Fitness for Seniors (2009), and Sitting Kills, Moving Heals (2011).

Memoir Writing Class

Poetry Immersion. Based on the theory that the best way to learn a language it to be actively immersed in it, we will  read good poems,  
write about them, share our writing and discuss  how the poems work both as language systems, and as sources of insight for our
lives.  Instructor will provide poems from diverse traditions. Participants will spend some time outside of class writing to prompts
inspired by the poems.
Mary Pierce Brosmer is a poet, teacher and social entrepreneur. She is Founder of Women Writing for (a) Change, a
community-building process that helps individuals and organizations craft more conscious lives.

Spiritual Autobiography: The Art of Digging Deep.

Walking Roman Roads. Dave Morton has been researching and exploring Roman roads for 15 years. He’ll supply you with precise
itineraries through some of central Italy’s most scenic landscapes - pathways that are little known today but were trod for many
centuries by pilgrims, artists and soldiers. You’ll learn where these ancient roads went and how they were built. You’ll also get
practical tips for exploring Italy on your own: finding relevant literature, reading topographic maps, enlisting the help of locals, and
using your smart phone for orientation.
Instructor: Dave Morton is a California native, has been identifying and walking ancient Roman roads in Central Italy for 15 years. See
his inspiring
site additional information.

Women's Stories/Women's Lives. It is critical that women tell their own stories—not just the ones that have been culturally
prescribed—because the story of one’s life has a way of becoming one’s life.  In this class you’ll participate with other women in
creating a vibrant, psychologically safe container for committing your life to language. You will receive a writing prompt for each class
with encouragement to follow it until you reach your own truths. Class time will be spent hearing and responding to one another’s
words, in ways that will inspire each writer to further depth and reflection.
Mary Pierce Brosmer, founder of Women Writing for (a) Change, and author of a book by the same title
a stretch of the via Cassia near Viterbo, central Italy
Edna St. Vincent Millet
Etruscan Buchero pottery, National Museum, Tarquinia
the human mind: beyond comprehension by those who posess one?
The Three Graces
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The Aging Brain: Neuroplasticity and Lifelong Learning. It is sometimes thought that as people age, they
have trouble maintaining what they have learned with aging comes a general diminution in brain functioning
that leads to a progressive weakening in concentration, memory and mental flexibility. However, there is
abundant evidence from neuroscience and neuropsychology to indicate the brain aging is reversible because
the brain remains plastic in all stages of life. The brain maps which guide our everyday exchanges with the
surrounding world can restructure themselves to a certain extent through well chosen learning experiences.

The Art of Blogging. Blogs are becoming increasingly influential and increasingly more people call
themselves “bloggers”. Among the many reasons to blog is a desire to express thoughts and opinions, to
market or promote, to help others and to connect with likeminded people. This class will teach you how to
create a blog on the internet using software that is easily downloadable (often free). You’ll learn how to use
several of the most popular programs to post what you have written, add photos and films, and solicit
comments. Even more importantly, you’ll learn how to attract a following. This involves sharpening your writing
skills, learning how to self-edit, and how to chose appropriate topics and themes about which you can write
Buddhist Psychology. For 2500 years, Buddhists monks have observed and cataloged the components of the human psyche, trying to
understand the human mind. This class will evaluate some of the core tenets of Buddhist psychology, an empirical approach to the
here and now founded on the belief that all suffering arises in the mind and can be overcome using practical methods. Among the
teachings to be considered is that the phenomenal universe is in constant flux, change and transformation; the phenomonological self
is composed of five modalities (none corresponding to an “I” or “me”) and is an arbitrary construct superimposed on dependently
arising psycho-physical elements. It will also evaluate distinctions made between conventional and ultimate reality in describing
fundamental elements of experience and how we view them.
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