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James Emil Flege
You can earn discounts on your Mediterranean learning adventure by helping us
tailor our programs to your interests and needs. Respond to one or all of our surveys!
Program operation details:  Your preferences for dining,
meal plans, housing, and evening programs (27 questions, ca.
7 min)
Recreational activities. You'll have the chance to meet local
people by participating in ongoing local activities. What do you
like to do in your free time? (22 questions, ca. 6 min)
Curriculum planning:  What classes interest you the most?
How serious/detailed should the classes be? (29 questions, ca.
7 min)
Study Center site selection:  We are currently selecting sites
for TLN Study Centers. Where along the shores of the
Mediterranean would you like to study? (32 questions, ca. 8 min)

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